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Adding C/C++ Code Auto-completion to an STM32 Project (in Spacemacs)


By default, people use SW4STM32 IDE to develop STM32 projects on Linux and Mac OS. However, the code completion for C/C++ in it really sucks. Then I decide to use Spacemacs to code (as usual). This post records the various solutions to add the completion functionality to Spacemacs.

Practices in Synchronizing the Eclipse Workspace


The best practice not messing up things is create different folder for different computer.

Globally Change Footprint Reference Visibility in KiCad


In PCB design, we may encounter the case where we would like to hide the reference text in the silk layer for better visualization. Here is a short post showing how to make it.

Install Vim for Local User


A short post showing how to install vim for local user. For my own record

Emacs Editable Dired Mode Demo


Editable dired mode in emacs (Spacemacs) helps you batch rename the file name, which is quite useful.

Fcitx Pinyin - Complete vs. Incomplete


I accidentally change the configuration in fcitx. Strange things happened. Now I fixed it.

DEBUG > Resolve Character Decoding Error in Spacemacs on Windows


I encountered a wierd bug on my newly-bought laptop that runs a Windows OS. The character cannot be decoded correctly in Spacemacs (Emacs 26.1). Here is a quick fix.

A Glimpse of the SIB2 of a Commercially-deployed NB-IoT eNodeB


SIB2 is the "System Information Block 2". It tells the UE about the parameters and configuration that are adopted by the eNodeB, so that the UE can communicate with the eNodeB successfully. Here is a simple analysis of a typical SIB2.

Install Linux USB Driver for Quectel BG96


The BG96 needs to manually configure USB driver under Linux. Here is a step-by-step process to make it work.

Enable Agilent Digital Multimeter on Windows in Oracle VirtualBox


Some instructions on how to connect an Agilent digital multimeter to the Keysight Connection Expert softawre on Windows in a Linux (Ubuntu) host.

Recover the Jianguoyun Tray Icon in Ubuntu 18.04


I cannot find the Jianguoyun (Nutstore) icon in the top tray after it runs. Here is a quick fix.

C Coding Standard - Formatted


A formatted "C coding standard" by Eno Thereska.

Tips on Ubuntu


Some quick fixes and minor hacks on Ubuntu. I update it every now and then.

Zotero Configuration for Attachment Synchronization Between Multiple Computers


Zotero + Dropbox + Zotfile configuration to synchronize documents database and files among different computers. You definitely can find similar tutorial from the web, however this is what I finally choose after so many attempts.

Packages to Install for a Fresh Python


Some of the common packages to install through pip. For my reference only. Might be helpful to you.