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Fcitx Pinyin - Complete vs. Incomplete


I accidentally change the configuration in fcitx. Strange things happened. Now I fixed it.

fcitx is a famous input method framework for Linux. Many languages use fcitx as the input methods backend. In my case, I use Pinyin input methods. There are three Pinyin input methods installed on my Fedora machine.

Today I accidentally changed the configuration of the fcitx, actually a bunch of settings all at once. After that I could not get the correct character candidates if I typed an acronym for a specific phase. I was to post an image of this case. But the screenshot failed to capture it (conflict with fcitx). I intended to type “cf” for “chifan”, but not a single Chinese character came out.

I double checked. This only happened to Pinyin and LibPinyin, while sunpinyin works normally.

After debugging one by one, I identified the cause.

Just confirm that you choose “enable incomplete” Pinyin mode.

That’s it.

Configuration of Pinyin:


Configuration of LibPinyin:


Configuration of sunpinyin (You don’t have this option here):


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