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C Coding Standard - Formatted


A formatted "C coding standard" by Eno Thereska.

Tips on Ubuntu


Some quick fixes and minor hacks on Ubuntu. I update it every now and then.

Zotero Configuration for Attachment Synchronization Between Multiple Computers


Zotero + Dropbox + Zotfile configuration to synchronize documents database and files among different computers. You definitely can find similar tutorial from the web, however this is what I finally choose after so many attempts.

Packages to Install for a Fresh Python


Some of the common packages to install through pip. For my reference only. Might be helpful to you.

Using LimeSDR Mini on Ubuntu with Lime Suite and SoapySDR


Step by step installation of the software needed for LimeSDR mini to run on Ubuntu.

Quectel UEMonitor Instructions


Some instructions on the use of Quectel UEMonitor. A software to examine the debug log from the UE (User Equipment).

~[DEBUG LOG] SAM G53 Cannot Transmit Data to PC through EDBG UART


A small bug that wastes me an afternoon and a whole night! EDBG is a embedded debug port that helps to debug or depoly the code. It has a virtual serial COM port that can support data communication between MCU and the host PC. I assume that this is known if you are going to read this post.

Use CH340-based USB Serial Converter on Linux in Python


CH340 is a chip that convert USB data to serial data. Of cause the method discuss here can be applied to other USB-serial converter chips, such as PL2303 etc. It is helpful when you want to do serial communication with your circuit board. Usually I write Python scripts to interact with serial devices.

Steps to successfully install srsGUI


srsGUI is the graphic user interface (GUI) for srsLTE. There are some dependencies issues to be solved to make it.

Learning srsLTE - 4


srsLTE data structure overview and references. Physical channels layer data structure only.

Learning srsLTE - 3


srsLTE data structure overview and references. Physical layer data structure only.

Learning srsLTE - 2


srsLTE data structure overview and references. Include ASN.1, interfaces, radio and upper.

Learning srsLTE - 1



STT 861 Theory of Prob and STT I Lecture Note - 14


Proof of central limit theorem; multivariate normal distribution and its example; review of the second half of the semester, Poisson approximation vs. normal approximation to binomial distribution; miscellaneous notes of convergence.

STT 861 Theory of Prob and STT I Lecture Note - 13


Recap of linear predictor; almost surely convergence, converge in probability, converge in distribution; central limit theorem, theorem of DeMoivre-Laplace.