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Embed Texts in Other Files in reStructuredText


Include the texts in other files to generate a new files.

DEBUG > Fixing "NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn't communicate with the NVIDIA driver"


I encountered this error accidentally, and spent almost a night to find a solution (actually very simple).

Fixing WhatPulse SSL Error in Ver 2.8.4 on macOS


My WhatPulse failed to pulse the key stats to the server. Just got it fixed.

DEBUG > AUCTeX Failed to Respect the Tex-master Change


What to do if the `pdflatex` command failed to run because of change of the Tex-master variable.

Mindmap > The NoSQL Ecosystem


My mindmap-based summary of a NoSQL introduction article.

Mindmap > Distributed System Basics Summary


My own mindmap-based summary of another blog post introducing distributed system.

Configuring A New Raspberry Pi


A short note about what I've done to set the Pi up.

Change Default Gmail mailto Handler Account


A method to select the account for processing the mailto links if there are multiple accounts in the browser.

FIXED > uBlox SARA-R410M-02B Could not Find the SIM Card


I had a problem that the module failed to find the SIM card. This seems to be a common problem for this chip.

DEBUG > Spacemacs Failed to Initialize After Switching to develop Branch on a Config File Synchronized Machine


I know the title is long. But I don't know how to describe my problem clearly. So just read the post. I'm sure generally you find this post by Google, so the title won't bother you.

Adding C/C++ Code Auto-completion to an STM32 Project (in Spacemacs)


By default, people use SW4STM32 IDE to develop STM32 projects on Linux and Mac OS. However, the code completion for C/C++ in it really sucks. Then I decide to use Spacemacs to code (as usual). This post records the various solutions to add the completion functionality to Spacemacs.

Practices in Synchronizing the Eclipse Workspace


The best practice not messing up things is create different folder for different computer.

Globally Change Footprint Reference Visibility in KiCad


In PCB design, we may encounter the case where we would like to hide the reference text in the silk layer for better visualization. Here is a short post showing how to make it.

Install Vim for Local User


A short post showing how to install vim for local user. For my own record

Emacs Editable Dired Mode Demo


Editable dired mode in emacs (Spacemacs) helps you batch rename the file name, which is quite useful.