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Emacs Editable Dired Mode Demo


Editable dired mode in emacs (Spacemacs) helps you batch rename the file name, which is quite useful.

Here is a link about how it work: Emacs Dired rename many files.

Basically the steps are:

  1. Open dired mode, use SPC f j or SPC f f.
  2. Press C-x C-q to enter editable dired mode. Now it is like a normal text buffer.
  3. Change the name to whatever you like.
  4. Press C-x C-s or C-c C-c to save the edit. Now the file names are updated.
  5. (If you want to discard changes, press C-c C-k.)

Note: C-c means CTRL+c. SPC means space key (the leader key).

Here is a screen GIF (recorded by ScreenToGif, 728 kB).


I didn’t figure out a way to batch paste the text in the buffer yet. If I found it I will update this post. Also, square edit somewhat does not work in editable dired mode.

More advanced topic: Batch rename files to numeric sequence in dired?

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