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STT 861 Theory of Prob and STT I Lecture Note - Overview


This is the lecture note that I took on the lecture. This post serve as the overview of this series.

Portal to all the other notes

About the course

why taking it?

I took this course on Fall 2017 semester to fulfil the department program requirement. I actually learned the fundamental of probability and statistics during high school and my undergraduate. So basically this is the English version of the it.

It is the final course that I need to take during my study in MSU. So, be it.

Course schedule

This course has 2 different sections, 001 and 002 respectively. 001 is for graduate student from STT or Math department, while 002 is for graduate student from the other department (Engineering especially) and visiting scholars. 002 classes meet at Wednesday weekly, with 2.5h each time.


Prof. Frederi Viens gives the lecture this semseter. He’s the dean of the Department of STT. He gives great lectures, with humorous talk and many funny stories or trivia, and of cause, the knowledge of probability and statistics.


“Models for Probability and Statistical Inference: Theory and Applications”

Available at :

This book is written by an old professor James H. Stapleton in the Department of STT in MSU. In my opinion, this textbook is more like a collection of lecture note. So maybe it is better for recap instead of learning from sketch.

Lecture note

This is the first (and probably the last) course that I took note by $\LaTeX$. There are some reasons for this. First of all, previous engineering courses had much notation involved, which are essentially time-consuming to take note quickly. So I just took note by hand. Here in the STT course, symbol and expressions are much LaTeX friendly. Second, there are not too many graphs in the lecture. Most of the curve or functions are well-known by me. They are stored in my mind and therefore it is LaTeX-friendly again. Third, the professor said that he knows there was an “amazing” student that took all the notes by LaTeX in a previous course. It challenges me. I want to test whether I am able to do so. Finally, These are all why I have this post here.

Some of the expressions in the lecture note can be ignored, such as

Not sure whether this can help anyone. Basically it is just for my own reference. So that I don’t have to look at the note PDF file each time.

Also, there might be lots of typos in the notes. Point out if you find any. Thanks.

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