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Spacemacs Rocks Note Day 11


A series of notes that I learn Emacs hacking. Spacemacs installation and some introduction to layers, a read list and some tips.



Clone from Github. It is a set of configuration, so it is based on Emacs.

Rmember to backup the current configurations in ~/emacs.d.

git clone ~/.emacs.d 

In the first place, the system will ask which edit mode:

Let’s choose vim. Yeah! I start to learn vim from scratch.

Second question, what distribution would you like to install

The second one is more like a customized version with less packages installed.

Try leader key in evil-mode

Add some layers to Spacemacs

To Read

Actually most of the stuff that shall be recorded here are already in the FAQ or documentation. Read them carefully if you want to master Spacemacs or maybe Emacs.

More tips

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