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Quectel UEMonitor Instructions


Some instructions on the use of Quectel UEMonitor. A software to examine the debug log from the UE (User Equipment).


UEMonitor is a software developed by Quectel. It uses the messages.xml file coming with the UE firmware to decode and formats the debug messages from the Quectel UE.

To the best of my knowledge, this software is only mentioned in some documents, but is not really publicly available. My UEMonitor version is v3.17.0.13 (2018.12.07 update: My latest version became If you want a copy, you could send me an email (lanternd1028 at gmail). Or you can directly ask Quectel support for the latest version.

The messages.xml decoder file is device-specific. For example, if you want to view the log from BC95, then you need the messages.xml for BC95. Usually the decoder also depends on firmware version. However, I haven’t tried to decode the log with a different version decoder yet, so I don’t have a conclusion here.

Btw, If you have ever heard Neul UELogViewer, forget about it. It is super hard to use. You can consider the UEMonitor as the official successor of the UELogViewer.


Main Window Basics

So first of all, I introduce the main window. See the picture below.


Click File -> New Project -> From log file, then you are able to load files from QCOM or UELogViewer. Otherwise just choose From UE debug port. Next, choose the correct decoder. and you are good to go. It is not hard to navigate and use.

The left panel with lots of logs is called “Summary list display” or “Summary window” (They called it this way).

Let’s discuss the tab on the right window frame.

Tips from the UEMonitor Help

It is strange that, the developer of the UEMonitor organized the valuable help information as “Tip Of The Day”. You can only view the tip piece by piece like the picture below.

Next I list all the possible “Tips” from the software. There is no specific order of them. I just do the copy and paste.


You can also locate the tips at C:/Program Files (x86)/Neul/UEMonitor/ (or wherever you install it).

Apply the Tips Above to Filtering

Select the logs with the keyword provided


For example, type “MAC” to view all the messages with “MAC” header. This function is not case-sensitive. “mac” also works.

Select the logs with two keywords


Use the operator && to do so.

Remove logs from the list that contains the keywords


Use ! operator to remove the logs that contains the string you provide. For example, !UICC removes all the log that contains “UICC” in the message name. The progress bar on the right indicates which parts are removed.

If you would like to remove logs that contain either “UICC” or “LL1”, type !UICC && !LL1 (note that you should not use || here.).

Select the logs with certain filed name


Use wildcard matching “*.your_keyword”. Not case-sensitive. You need to type exactly the field you want to observe.



Select the log with certain field number larger than x

**.time_ms >= x


**.length > 20 && *.sfn_ref > 900


**.rsrp > -900

I have no screenshot here because it is very straightforward. Equal, not equal, less, less equal, and greater are likewise.

Select logs with field value equaling the provided string


We can also use this method to extract logs that source from a certain layers and so on. Not equal is likewise.

**.channel_type ~ RRC


**.state ~ PROTO

This selects the logs that have “channel_type” field and the field value contains “RRC”.


Have fun with the software and NB-IoT.

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