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Globally Change Footprint Reference Visibility in KiCad


In PCB design, we may encounter the case where we would like to hide the reference text in the silk layer for better visualization. Here is a short post showing how to make it.

A Link

Here is a link in the KiCad forum, discussing how to globally edit the text in the PCB.

Then I managed to change all the footprint reference to invisible, rendering the PCB looks clean and elegant.

Walk Through

Before changing, the reference symbol looks like:


Step 1. Open ‘Edit’ -> ‘Edit Text & Graphic Properties…’


Step 2. Select ‘Footprint references’ on the top left panel; check the filter as ‘F.silks’; Specify the footprint you want to change in ‘Filter items by parent footprint reference’, e.g. ‘R*’, ‘C*’.


Step 3. [The most important one] Uncheck the ‘Visible’ in the ‘Action’ panel.

Step 4. Done. Here is how it looks after editing:



By the way, my KiCad version is 5.99.0 (Nightly build, installed in Aug 2019.

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