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STT 861 Theory of Prob and STT I Lecture Note - 2


Some of the basic probability and statistics concepts. joint probabilities, combinatories; conditional probabilities and independence and their examples; Bayes' rule.

STT 861 Theory of Prob and STT I Lecture Note - Overview


This is the lecture note that I took on the lecture. This post serve as the overview of this series.

RFIC - Microstrip Transmission Line Design


Microstrip transmission line is one of the basic type of transmission line in RF integrated circuit. Here is a basic/simple design example of it. This is a homework for course ECE810 RF Integrated Circuits in MSU.

Adaptive Control - Least-Squares Algorithm in Parameters Estimation


Parameter estimation is one of the keystones in Adaptive control; the main idea of parameter estimation is to construct a parametric model and then use optimization methods to minimize the error between the true parameter and the estimation. Least-square algorithm is one of the common optimization methods.

Try MathJax Here


MathJax is a commonly-used web-based math formula and expression render tool. Here is the test of it.

Yet Another New Start


Blog migration again.